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Al-Otaibi received a delegation from the Kuwaiti Association for Sustainable Energy

Minister of Electricity, Water, Renewable Energy, and Housing, Engineer Mutlaq Al-Otaibi, received a delegation from the Kuwaiti Association for Sustainable Energy in his office. The delegation included the President of the Kuwaiti Association for Sustainable Energy, Engineer Suad Al-Hussein, the Vice President, Engineer Ali Al-Harz, and the board member of the association, Engineer Mohammed Al-Juhaim. […]

The Sustainable Energy Association proposes modifying the specifications of air conditioning devices.

The Sustainable Energy Association presented several proposals to Minister of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy, Mr. Mutlaq Aburquba, to enhance the principle of sustainability in energy and preserve renewable sources. One of the notable proposals is to modify the specifications of air conditioning devices to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption rates. They also emphasized […]


Efficient Reclamation of Wastewater Kuwait is a water-stressed country with a high demand for groundwater and potable water. The efficient reclamation of wastewater generated from municipal, oil-related and other industrial activities is necessary in order to enhance the country’s ability to provide sufficient water for agricultural purposes as well as for greenery and landscaping needs. […]


Pioneering research in a multi-disciplinary field In recent years nanotechnology has demonstrated its utility as a science capable of providing commercial solutions to a variety of industrial challenges. Nanotechnology is an enabling technology, capable of influencing many scientific and industrial disciplines by providing high quality and cost effective insight. The Nanotechnology – Advanced Materials Program […]


Mitigating challenges to structural integrity The infrastructure and buildings of Kuwait often suffer from premature degradation as a direct result of material deterioration caused by Kuwait’s hot climate, improper maintenance schemes, unexpected natural and human-caused hazards, and inadequate construction practices. In response to the need for more reliable construction practices, KISR’s Sustainability and Reliability of […]


Harnessing renewable energy to fuel Kuwait’s growth Kuwait is completely reliant on the burning of fossil fuels for energy generation and water desalination. According to the Ministry of Electricity and Water, by 2030 Kuwait’s energy demand will triple. The ministry estimates that the amount of fossil fuel available to generate energy in Kuwait is not […]


Developing adept and thorough energy management solutions The Energy Efficiency Technologies (EET) program devises solutions to ensure the efficient utilization of national power and energy. The program focuses on reducing the power and energy requirements of buildings by setting the optimum efficiency requirements for building envelope and operation strategies. The program also assesses the technical […]