Exploring Future Collaboration between the Kuwaiti Association for Sustainable Energy and Al Ahmadi Governorate

  Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with the esteemed brothers and sisters at the general office of Al Ahmadi Governorate. The meeting included Eng. Suad Al-Hussein, the Chairperson of the Kuwaiti Association for Sustainable Energy, Dr. Ayman Al-Qattan, the Secretary-General, and Eng. Rawan Al-Marri from the Association’s Public Relations department. During our gathering, we had the opportunity to get acquainted and discuss the Association as one of the newest specialized public benefit societies in the important and vital field it focuses on. We also delved into its current and future priorities and explored potential opportunities for collaboration between the Association and Al Ahmadi Governorate. Al Ahmadi Governorate has a profound interest in environmental and health matters, particularly in the realm of sustainable and clean renewable energy, which is one of the Association’s main pillars.
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