Suad Al-Hussein represented Kuwait at the Energy Projects Conference in Abu Dhabi

Eng. Suad Al-Hussein, President of the Kuwaiti Association for Sustainable Energy, represented Kuwait at the Energy Projects Conference in the Middle East and North Africa, recently held at the Conrad Abu Dhabi Hotel. The conference witnessed the presence of over 200 government officials, project owners, management experts, project developers, contractors, technology solution providers, utility suppliers, and industry experts who engaged in interactive sessions and workshops spanning two days, discussing promising opportunities in the energy sector.

Eng. Suad Al-Hussein stated that the Energy Projects Conference in the Middle East and North Africa was the first of its kind, featuring project presentations specific to a particular sector, as well as strategic and technical sessions, and interactive networking sessions for industry experts keen on exploring energy potentials in the region. The conference also explored how innovation could help achieve their goals and thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

She added that the latest report published by the Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICORP) indicates that total investments in the energy sector in the Middle East and North Africa region are expected to reach $250 billion. As a result, local, regional, and international companies operating in energy generation, transmission, and distribution are experiencing significant growth in the region. She highlighted her participation in the conference, during which she presented an analysis of the future vision and national projects related to renewable energy in Kuwait. These projects are closely linked to the launch of Kuwait’s New Vision 2035, with the political leadership’s commitment to diversifying energy sources. Relevant authorities have initiated ambitious plans to harness wind and solar energy, with the goal of reaching a 15% utilization rate by 2030 out of the total energy consumed in Kuwait.

In her presentation, she emphasized the importance of activating mechanisms for the transition to renewable energy uses in Kuwait and the positive implications this would have on enhancing energy security and diversifying energy sources.

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