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Efficient Reclamation of Wastewater

Kuwait is a water-stressed country with a high demand for groundwater and potable water. The efficient reclamation of wastewater generated from municipal, oil-related and other industrial activities is necessary in order to enhance the country’s ability to provide sufficient water for agricultural purposes as well as for greenery and landscaping needs. According to the Ministry of Public Works (MPW), only about 65% of its treated wastewater is reused. The WTRT Program develops physical, chemical, and biological system solutions tailored to the particular characteristics of each wastewater stream. The program conducts research to efficiently reclaim and reuse Kuwait’s wastewater to improve water availability and contribute to the welfare of the country.


Enhancing the biodegradation process

In this study, the integrated fixed film activated sludge (IFAS) process was modified to include a high surface area growth support medium, which is granular activated carbon (GAC). This innovative configuration was developed to evaluate its ability to enhance the biodegradation process utilizing both suspended and attached growth in a manner that can be optimized and aid in the removal of contaminants by adsorption when GAC is used as a support material. In this phase of the project, laboratory-scale studies as well as mathematical modeling were conducted to assist in understanding the process behavior and aid in future piloting/upscaling at a later phases. The process was found to be feasible with very encouraging design parameters Additionally, a mathematical model was validated to fit the experimental results and is expected to aid greatly in the design of an upscaled version of the process.

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